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Kevin Peare Memorial Skate Park

A Mount Washington Valley Non-Profit

                             501(c)3  N.H. non-profit EIN# 86-2312442                             Phone   603-986-6436                             

Mailing address PO Box 210 Conway NH 03818         Email

Kevin Peare 1986-2017

Kevin Peare

Skateboarder Jumping










Christmas in July for the Skate Park!

  We met our fundraising goal of $50,000

to be "eligible" for a matching federal grant ! Thank MWV!

Please understand this federal grant is not promised or a done deal .







We  still need donations from  our community.

Prices of dirt and building materials are sky rocketing ,

each year we are set back the more this skate park costs.

So please donation today, No amount is too small! 

Our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but more importantly in the actions of our initiatives.

From the moment we started our work in 2017, we understood that by working together we could overcome any challenges.

Building a skate park has had a lot of those challenges, But we strive to make a positive change in our pursuit

to make the Mount Washington Valley a better place by giving the children a safe place to practice a sport they love.

The Mission Statement

To educate our community about the benefits skateboarding can have

on our youth’s individual mental and physical well-being

By providing a state of the art skateboard park

to improve their safety as well as empowering youth with positive alternative choices.

 Build start date June 2025 ( Contingent on  receiving the matching federal grant or raising the necessary funds to build).

 The Town VOTED YES!!!

We are now considered a Town of Conway Park!

 Located off the new recreation path Hemlock lane North Conway NH ( to the left of Walmart)

This will be a State of the Art Skate Park, made of concrete, skate at your own risk and FREE to the public. 

We have been grassroots Fundraising for almost 7 years.

We are at approximately $288,499.07 raised out of our  $460,000

and are applying for a matching federal grant.












Unfortunately our $100,000 anonymous donor reallocated those funds to a different project.

Meaning we need your help more than ever! Just one more obstacle for us to overcome as a community 

We have paid for our 1st stage in the design process with Pillar Designs   

We have been unanimously approved by the Conway select board

and our plans have been unanimously approved and recommended by the Conway Planning Board.

We are on track for groundbreaking 2025.

We are planning to stay on after the skate park is built to continue fundraising

to help with special design elements and maintenance costs.

" Keepers of the Skate park"

We will continue to teach skateboarding 101 with the after school program " Project Succeed"

and on our own, with a concentration on safety.

More About Us

The Kevin Peare Memorial Skate Park was started in September of 2017 by Caren and Anna Peare. The skate park will be in memory of (Caren’s brother, Anna’s son) Kevin Peare, a Conway Native who passed away at the age of 31 in July of 2017. His love of skateboarding and teaching it to anyone who wanted to learn, spearheaded this project. It was his dream to have a skate park in his hometown of Conway and for there to be a safe place to practice the sport. After Kevin’s passing Caren set out to make his dream a reality. She immediately reached out to the Tony Hawk Foundation (now The Skate Project). Alec Beck the Director contacted her the very next day. Since then he has guided our group.  1st was to have a meeting with town officials to explain our project and asked them for help with site selection, which has been our biggest obstacle . This spring the land owned by the Sate of NH and taken for the by-pass was finally available for our project.  Since the beginning we told the Town that we would do all the fundraising . One of the suggestions from the  Tony Hawk  foundation was for the size of  the park be 10,000 sq ft, The Town of Conway cut the size to 7000 sq ft. unfortunately this is one of the reasons that made us un-eligible for the Tony Hawk foundation grant.  The Kevin Peare Memorial skate park board/ and committee has been raising funds to build a skate park . Now going into for almost 7 years. Holding family an community style fundraising events. 

These events are important so we can talk with the local community and educate them about our mission.​​

We are overwhelmed with our community's  generosity.

We have raised a total of $288,499.07.

I am making sure to keep the " 7" cents,

because it added up that way and that was Kevin's favorite number.

"7" years on Friday 7/12/2024 that he has been gone.

It doesn't seem possible that we have been chasing his dream for this amount of time.


Thank You Note from Caren and Anna

Unfortunately our $100,000 anonymous donor reallocated those funds to a different project.

Meaning we need your help more than ever! Just one more obstacle for us to overcome as a community 

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 Kids deserve a place to go

 Just like other sports ,


needs a designated place.

More than anyone,

young people need

to feel like they are

recognized and appreciated

by their communities.


get the wrong message

from local authorities

who limit or outlaw


and ignore

its inherent benefits.

Skate parks are the solution.

Almost all

skateboarding deaths

and serious injuries

happen while they are


in the streets or parking lots.

Skater Boy


 Approximately 25%

of children


the Conway area

are below

poverty level.

This makes them

not as equal as

other children

and every child

deserves to be able

to recreate.

One of the lowest


sports is


The average cost

of a


helmet and pads

is under $100.

Skateboard Wheels

Suicide Rates in New Hampshire

Stress is thought to be a major contributor to suicide.

Skateboarding can reduce stress, increase confidence,

and provide escapism.

New Hampshire is ranked 23rd in the nation for

its high suicide rate.

In New Hampshire,

suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for ages 10-30.

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